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sushi basic 
vegetarian/vegan rolls

Not always with fish ! Traditionally there are many fancy vegetarian recipes that taste for everyone. And my original dip sauces will give richer taste and spicy boost, yet optimize its nutritious 

substance. Try this ! 

(Top up with fish and meat is also available)

vegi ramen
noodle soup

Make this Ramen-noodle requires quite intensive but meditative work, but the result is amazing ! And very healthy version of Soup and toppings, for without adding MSG (fravourenhancer, extracts, etc) in my recipes. You won't even miss any meat. 

tenpura &
deep fried fish & veg

deep frying metnod came originally from Europe in 16th century to Japan and became one of gourmet dish today. I pickup a high-end Tokyo (where I came from) style , crispy, thin-coated fish and veg Tenpura. 

japanese Tea + sweets
mochi & backery

Using vegan or dairy-free ingredients, underlines the pure natural taste. Design and presentation. This is the 1rule of Japanese confectionery. I will show some basic ideas with techniques how to make them. We try 3 completely different sorts of sweets and learn a method to serve 'real' Japanese tea. 

workshop programs are held Sundays throughout a year, bookable from 4 people, only by individual booking in advance. Please send me an Email to arrange a date, place and program. For any other queries, contact me by Email,  a phone-call, via whatsapp.

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